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While known primarily for its concentration of outstanding Indian and Pakistani restaurants, a wide variety of other cuisines are also represented. We invite you to embark on a culinary adventure that can take you around the world - an appetizer in Thailand, an entrée in Russia and desert in India. Or finish with a slice of baklava from the Middle East. Just think what you will save on airfare. And while you're here, you'll want to explore the unique variety of merchandise in the ethnic shops and groceries.

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West Ridge is well known for its many colorful fashion stores and local artisans. But you can also grab a book from a local bookstore while indulging in a hand-made pastry from one of several bakeries. Or maybe you prefer pampering yourself at a salon before your night out on the town. Whatever your interest, West Ridge is sure to have what you need.



Whether your idea of a fun night out includes catching a performance at a local bar or lounge,  or curly up with a book from the library, West Ridge has plenty to do.

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West Ridge is bordered by Peterson on the south, Howard on the north, Ridge on the east and Kedzie on the west.

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