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The West Ridge Chamber of Commerce (WRCC) is very pleased to announce the official opening of the Northside Business Opportunity Center (NBOC) and is now accepting applications from all entrepreneurs and those interested in becoming business owners. The NBOC is the first and only business innovation center on the north side community of Chicago. The WRCC, which has long supported small businesses in the West Ridge neighborhood, believes in developing a strong business acumen by way of strategizing with entrepreneurs and providing them with the necessary resources to develop sustainable and viable business ventures. 

The NBOC members will be guided by a team of industry experts providing them with one-on-one mentoring, educational workshops, networking events, specialized programming and routine check-ins to monitor and promote the viability of their business idea in this co-working space. They will be guided through every stage of the business process and will participate in interactive programming that develop their business ideas and expectations, launch their online marketing campaigns, brand their business, find the right investors and more. 

Members will also have access to high speed internet, a new laser printer/copier/scanner, a large presentation monitor, up to date teleconferencing equipment, freshly brewed coffee and a shared refrigerator and microwave. They will be able to use the center as their business and mailing address.

The NBOC was made possible by grant money from the City of Chicago, Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection, which confirmed that a business innovation center was needed to expand business activity in the neighborhood. The WRCC firmly believes that this center will help spur economic growth in the West Ridge community and will help provide entrepreneurs with the tools needed to build successful, sustainable businesses.

All interested aspiring entrepreneurs are encouraged to submit an application here.

Meet our entrepreneurs

1434 is a streetwear clothing label based in Chicago. Founded in 2013, the brand features collections influenced by history, art, and politics.
Naeem Vahora, Founder and Creative Director
Mohammad Ali Sheriff, Co-Founder

In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo, in thinking differently. We believe we'll reshape the future of commerce and human behavior. Currently, we help renters and landlords frustrated with the traditional rental process gain trust and peace of mind, by streamlining our process, making it 99% faster for renters while reducing eviction risk for landlords by as much as 82%.
Robert Sher, Founder
Rachel Parent, Marketing Director

Mark Lestina
Since 2013, Wastemaster operates in Chicagoland as an independent waste broker that can help businesses reduce the cost of trash and recycling services. Wastemaster tracks service and pricing data on 10 waste hauling companies and uses this information as leverage to renegotiate current contracts or find new waste haulers. Mark Lestina has over 25 years of experience in the waste industry and is the owner/president of Waste Master.
Mentorship topics could include the following: Business startups, small business financing, business plan writing.

To meet with a business advisor you must:
1. Schedule a session at least 24 hours in advance.
2. Submit a request through the mentorship request form, which is will be reviewed by NBOC staff within 24 hours and then sent to the advisor.
3. Make sure to review and follow the conduct guidelines in your handbook.
4. Be prepared to meet and/or discuss with your advisor.

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Please submit a contact request here, or call the West Ridge Chamber of Commerce at 773-743-6022.

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