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SSA #43 Devon Avenue is Reconstituting

In cooperation with Commissioners from the existing Devon Avenue Special Service Area (SSA), the West Ridge Chamber of Commerce is proposing to renew (reconstitute) the Special Service Area for another 15 years. Without a renewal, the SSA will expire and terminate. By renewing the SSA, we will continue to be able to fund needed commercial services not otherwise provided by other sources. The SSA would continue to fund services such as litter removal, sidewalk sweeping, snow removal and landscaping.The SSA boundaries are roughly both sides of Devon Avenue from Kedzie to Damen and Western Avenue from Arthur Avenue to Granville.The SSA would be managed by the West Ridge Chamber of Commerce.

According to the City of Chicago's website,, an SSA is "a taxing district that is an economic development tool. Created by state statute and city ordinance, SSAs are an additional real estate property tax levy that funds additional services beyond municipal services in a defined district." SSA property tax funding is generated and overseen by a local Commission of property and business owners. "SSA Commissions are volunteers from the community that provide local oversight on SSA services, budget and the SSA Agency. Commissioners are selected locally with Aldermanic approval, are appointed by the Mayor, and confirmed by City Council. The Service Provider Agency provides daily management of the SSA and helps assess program performance." Given the preliminary 2015 budget developed by the Advisory Committee, the average annual tax payment at a 1% tax rate would cost approximately, on average, $578 for the average condo owner, $6,324 for the average one-story commercial property owner and $1,843 for the average minor commercial improvement property.

The proposed SSA would provide important services for 15 years, such as:
  • Advertising and promotion of the district as a destination for local, out-of-state and international visitors
  • Funding for special events
  • Sidewalk snow removal, litter pickup, graffiti removal, landscaping, holiday decorations and banners
A local Advisory Committee composed of local property and business owners has been working on developing boundaries, programs and services, a budget, and corresponding tax rates and tax rate caps.

View presentation and proposed budget here


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